Meat: To eat, or not to eat?

Meat: To eat, or not to eat? by Jessica Haden, Education Director It seems as if no matter where you turn these days you’ll find a different opinion on the consumption of meat. Those on the Paleo diet tout the … Read more

Carmen and Laura in garden at Spannocchia

How Spannocchia Has Changed My Life

Words from Former Spannocchia Interns For these interns, Spannocchia was love at first bite. Learn how the tenuta changed them forever.   Laura McMahon I ended up at Spannocchia for the same reasons most interns do. I was sure that … Read more

Moreno with tractor at Spannocchia

Farm News: Welcoming Moreno & Our New Tractor

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new employee on the farm, Moreno Galigani, who will take on the responsibilities for the olives, vineyards, and winemaking that were previously Angelo Parini’s domain. Angelo left us this fall to … Read more

Angeolino at Spannocchia

In Memoriam, Angiolino and Luca

We are saddened to report the recent loss of two members of the Spannocchia extended community. Angiolino Biagini, who worked on the farm from the late 1980’s until his retirement in 2004, was one of the last of the old … Read more



“Where would we be without salt?” James Beard We’ve been enjoying a good deal of Spannocchia’s salumi lately, from prosciutto to sopressata, and the Cinta Senese tours are underway for the season… all this got me thinking about the importance … Read more



una rondine non fa primavera “one swallow does not make Spring” While we await the much anticipated sun and sprouts of Spring, everyone at Spannocchia is preparing the interiors and exteriors around the property. As guests slowly begin filling the … Read more


Leeks and Leaks

… the alternate title Porri e Perdite was scrapped because it was missing the excitement of homophony…! Here at Spannocchia we have had our fair share of leeks… and leaks over the past couple of weeks. While the former has … Read more


New Beginnings

My first weeks at Spannocchia have been a glorious whirlwind of names, faces, and places. I am certainly still finding my footing and I have an enormous amount of appreciation for the patience and attention of everyone at Spannocchia as … Read more



My name is Jessica Haden and I am the new Education Director at Spannocchia. I have been graciously welcomed by everyone here at Spannocchia and I have especially enjoyed getting to know the talented winter volunteers over the last few … Read more