The Spannocchia Foundation seeks to encourage global dialogue about sustaining cultural landscapes for future generations through the example of the Tenuta di Spannocchia.

Areas of Interest

  • Natural resource conservation.
  • Local ecology.
  • Sustainable agriculture and forestry.
  • Cultural history including crafts and the fine arts.
  • Traditional land management practices.
  • Farm based education

Strategic Goals

We will fulfill our mission by focusing on and achieving the following strategic goals:

  1. To develop and maintain financial accounting systems, integrated operating budgets, and comprehensive management plans for the Azienda Agricola, Associazione, and Foundation that will provide solid management bases for Spannocchia’s 5-year goals.
  2. To be an innovative sustainable agricultural operation, showcasing organic methods of farming and renewable resource use, and providing for most of the food and energy needs of Spannocchia.
  3. To develop opportunities for educational experiences for all members and visitors to Spannocchia by creating and maintaining programs and activities that focus on the core elements of the Foundation’s mission.
  4. To develop integrated and comprehensive marketing and educational tools that clearly describe, “What is Spannocchia?”
  5. To complete a building and land use plan that preserves the simple and traditional character of Spannocchia while improving the beauty and utility of its built and natural environment.
  6. To nurture the traditional rustic simplicity and collective spirit of Spannocchia, supporting the internal community and building meaningful connections with the wider community.

2014 Statement of Financial Position

Assets 2014
Operating Fund $46,990
Endowment & Reserve Fund $58,458
Total Assets $105,448
Liabilities & Net Assets
Current Liabilities $0
Restricted Funds $16,594
Fund Balance $88,854
Total Liabilities & Net Assets $105,448
Statement of Activities
Total Support & Revenue $466,557
Total Expenses $469,439


Contributions 2%
Grants 14%
Membership 10%
Programs 74%



General Management 10%
Fundraising 1%
Contributions to Associazione Castello di Spannocchia 89%