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Spannocchia Symposium II – Slideshow

October 25-31, 2010
Symposium II Slideshow

Feedback from Participants

“Talking with some of the other (American) participants was a highlight for me. Especially Mateo from Jasper Hill, Bennett from Sylvester Manor, and the folks who we met in Hardwick, VT. We also gained a lot by talking with the people at Shelburne Farms about education. We have re-evaluated our business as a result.”

“Sicuramente una cura più attenta nella costruzione della rete e lo studio/pratica su come si possa raggiungere l’accesso del cibo locale per tutti (strumenti, modelli operativi, riflessioni) (It was certainly inspiring to witness the great care taken in constructing community networks and the study/practice of how to realize a local food that accessible to everyone (tools, operating models, personal reflections.)”