Foraging is an ancient practice of recognizing and harvesting products that the earth spontaneously offers us. Leading us in the practice will be Daniela Casarin, who has been a member of the Erbandando association, an organization of women who for years have been engaged in studying and rediscovering wild herbs and their uses in the kitchen, recovering old Tuscan recipes.

After a brief presentation on harvesting methods, which require respect and knowledge of nature and its balance, we will walk around the grounds of Spannocchia to identify and harvest herbs and flowers that we will use in the preparation of a lunch featuring unusual flavors and amazing colors.

For example, depending on the season, our lunch may include: nettle crostini; potato gnocchi with wild fennel pesto, or ravioli filled with herbs in a butter-sage sauce; hard-boiled eggs with flowers and herbs on a bed of wild greens; mixed salad with an abundance of wild herbs and flowers; panna cotta with rosemary or lavender.

Time: 9:15am-2:30pm weekdays (9:15-10:15/10:30 foraging; 10:15/10:30-1pm cooking class; 1pm lunch)
Price: €140/person (members), €150/person (non-members). Minimum 4 participants.
Under 4 participants may be possible at a fixed cost. Discounted pricing is also available for kids, student groups, and guests who would like to join for lunch only.