Spannocchia preserves an ancient form of life in Tuscany that is based on community, respect for tradition, and a responsible use of resources. We seek to serve as an international model for sustainability, and for more than twenty years have hosted interns from around the world to learn about agriculture, responsible tourism, and the importance of preserving the cultural traditions of Tuscany. Our interns have become ambassadors of conservation and continue to employ the practices they learned at Spannocchia in their communities, professions, and daily lives. Through the generous support of our members and donors, we are able to provide this and other memorable educational programming for visitors of all ages. At Spannocchia, we believe sharing our knowledge is just as important as preserving and protecting our natural environment.



Spannocchia preserves an ancient form of life in Tuscany based on community, respect for tradition, and a responsible use of resources. Experience and learn about sustainable living through our educational programs.



Our innovative permaculture practices serve as a global model for regenerative agriculture. Enjoy food from our gardens, wine from our vineyards, olive oil from our orchards, and award-winning salumi cured on-site.



Our efforts to conserve and sustain the environment go beyond maintaining the natural beauty of the estate, and include raising rare, native heritage-breed farm animals to diminish their risk of extinction.

Our educational programs and the preservation of our historic property and nature preserve are possible through the efforts of our American-based nonprofit, Friends of Spannocchia.

Agriculture and tourism are only part of what we do at Spannocchia. Our primary mission is for the estate to serve as an international model and education center for sustainable practices. Through membership donations, we are able to create a place for people to experience the authentic history of rural Tuscany as well as modern regenerative farming practices at work.

Loyal donors and supporters help us run educational programs and underwrite the costs of our internship program. We wouldn’t be Spannocchia without a little help from our friends.

Stay at Spannocchia, and you will experience more than just a vacation. We’ve worked hard to conserve our historic 1,100-acre estate and the integrity of our rustic, yet comfortable accommodations. The Tenuta (farm estate) provides recently-renovated farmhouses for rent, Bed & Breakfast rooms available in the Villa, and traditional Italian cooking prepared with ingredients fresh from our gardens. Guests at Spannocchia are able to experience daily life on a historic property and working farm. Located in the heart of Tuscany, the property is also a short drive from some of the best art and architectural treasures in the region.

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