Butcher Apprenticeship application

To be considered for the Butcher Apprenticeship Program, please complete the following application. At the bottom, you may save your application in order to work on it over multiple sessions before submitting.

When selecting apprenticeship dates on the application, you'll indicate which group(s) you would like to be considered for. Within each group, there are 2 or 3 different sessions with unique start and end dates (see the main Apprenticeship page for all dates). If you are selected for an interview, we will ask you more about your preferred session(s) within a given group.

Please email our Farm Education Director, Niccolò Merighi, if you have any questions about this program.

We encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply for this opportunity. We commit to ensure that all individuals are treated equitably, to recognize the value of a diverse apprenticeship group, and to welcome the unique perspective and life experience that each apprentice brings to the program.

Butcher with hanging salumi

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Please read through the Butcher Apprenticeship Information document before submitting your application.

Apprenticeship Session Choice

Please rank the sessions in order of preference. Please use N/A as needed if you would not like to be considered for the remaining options.

Please provide short but thoughtful answers to the following questions:

If the source is a person, please list their name and relation to you.


In addition to your application, you are required to submit two letters of reference. One should be a professional reference (work or study related), and the second should be a personal reference who has known you for more than two years.

Please see the Apprenticeship Reference Form for more information, and provide this link to your references.