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 First Name Last Name Name at Spannocchia City State / Province Country Program Date(s)
MikiNatsumeBermondseyLondonUnited Kingdom2012 Spring
BenMattinglyNew HavenCTUnited States2007 Fall
JackieKennyParkerCOUnited States2019 Spring
RustyLamerFreeportMEUnited States2001 Fall - 2004 Spring
JohannaLeslieOronoMEUnited States2022 Spring
MadiganKayDartmouthMAUnited States2019 Fall
NatalieConcilloPortlandORUnited States2011 Fall
ErinCinelliYarmouthMEUnited States1994 Fall farm internship, then I worked at Spannocchia/Friends of Spannocchia from 2001 - 2017 in a lot of different roles!
MateoEcheverriaHendersonNVUnited States2023 spring
RyanMugliaLyonsCOUnited States2017 Winter
JenniferLamyArlingtonMAUnited States2014 Fall, 2014-2015 Winter
WillDeanBozemanMTUnited States2007 Summer/Fall
AnnieGibbonsLexingtonMAUnited States2017 Summer
PatchRonaldWashingtonDCUnited States2013 Spring
BridgetSpenceFrederictonNew BrunswickCanada2007 Summer
AndrewLandPortlandORUnited States1999-2000(?)
DouglasOlsenLos AngelesCAUnited States2006 Spring
DanielLymanPortlandORUnited States2008(?)
BlakeMcCartneyPortlandMEUnited States2016 Summer
TheronPowellWindhamMEUnited States2007 Spring
EmilyWrightAshlandMOUnited States2005 Fall and Winter
MeredithRandRidgelandMSUnited States2022 Summer
ScoutMarshallKansas CityMOUnited States2014 Summer
LenaMillerLongmontCOUnited States2015 Fall
ClaireSeastoneHolualoaHIUnited States1998 (I think?!)
 First Name Last Name Name at Spannocchia City State / Province Country Program Date(s)